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Environmental Laboratories Group

The Envionmental Laboratories Group is an experienced and constantly developing company that serves daily from 1989.

Scope of services we have provided in the field of laboratory;

Food Analysis;

  • Over 500 physical and chemical analyses in total
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Toxin Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Additive Residual Analysis
  • Molecular Biology Analysis
  • GMO Analysis
  • Hygiene Control
  • Feed Analysis

Food Contact Materials;

  • Plastic Packaging Migration Analysis
  • Structure Determination Analysis with FT-IR device
  • Determination of Lead and Cadmium in Porcelain, Ceramic and Glass based materials

Environmental Measurements and Analyses;

  • Wastewater analysis
  • Measurement and analysis of river waters, lake waters, sea waters
  • Soil pollution analysis
  • Waste Analysis
  • Waste Oil Analysis
  • Sediment Analysis
  • Emission, immission measurement and analysis
  • Air quality measurement and analysis
  • Flowrate measurement and sampling

Business Hygiene Measurement and Analysis:

  • Thermal comfort measurement
  • Hand-arm and Whole Body vibration levels
  • Lighting measurements
  • Noise exposure measurement
  • Dust measurement in the environment and respirable dust measurement
  • Heavy metal concentration in the environment
  • Measurements of gas concentrations in the environment
  • Measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the environment
  • Sulfuric acid, formaldehyde and other specific measurements in the environment .

R&D and Industrial Analysis:

  • Purifier systems efficiency study / Jar tests
  • Cosmetic and detergent analysis
  • Hemodialysis waters analysis
  • Drug / raw material analysis


In these fields, we provide accredited sampling and analysis service to many national and international companies with our experienced staff.

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